Ori Tahiti Nui Solo Competition

Ori Tahiti Nui aims to promote the conservation, development, promotion and recognition of the Polynesian culture in all its forms, including dance, music and crafts, in Polynesia and over the world. To achieve its purpose, Ori Tahiti Nui is delighted to introduce an international solo competition of Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance) and is inviting all individuals or solo dancers from all nationalities to participate.

Ori Tahiti Nui Solo Competition is open to local and international dancers. It takes place on the beautiful island of Tahiti.

The contest will be held December 1rst, 2012 on the beautiful Island of Tahiti and the jury will be composed of well known and established Tahitian personalities of the world of Ori Tahiti, as well as one international judge.

A dinner Gala with Polynesian show will be organized on Saturday evening after the Solo Competition.
Winners of the 2012 Ori Tahiti Nui Solo Competition will also have the opportunity to perform during this occasion.
A Polynesian Buffet will be served at Le Meridien Tahiti. For more information please contact us or Le Meridien Tahiti.
Price per person for the Polynesian Buffet is 8,500 XPF (approx $90)


Youth or Tama Division, Tamaroa for men & Tamahine for women:

‘Aiu 6 to 8 years
Tamati 9 to 11 year
Taure’a 12 to 15 years

Adult or ‘Arioi Division , Tane for men & Vahine for women:

Toa 16 to 20 years
‘Aito 21 to 26 year
Hiva 27 to 34 years
Feti’a 35 to 45 years
Tupuna 46 years and more


The competition begins at 7:00am on Saturday 1er December.

All participants must be registered by 8:30am at the latest to receive their number and their day-pass to the lodges and the area of competition, on presentation of valid registration, artistic directors, or parents are allowed to register and receive the numbers and the day-pass on behalf of their soloist.


The jury of the competition is composed of 5 “ori Tahiti” personalities from Tahiti and a personality from overseas as guest of honor of the Ori Tahiti Nui event.




Entry Fee: is 2500 XPF (approx. $30) per soloist. This fee allows the participant to compete in one of the open categories

Registration deadline: is October 31, 2012.


All forms received after the date the 31st of October 2012 (registration deadline) will be put on hold for review. Soloists will be charged a late entry fee for all late application.


Only For Foreigners: registration deadline is November 15th 2012 by email – payment will be done the day of the competition on the 1st of December.


Late entry fee: is 3500 XPF (approx. $40) if registration is received between November 1st and 28. Late entry will be confirmed by email only.


Walk-in or Same day Entries: is 5000 XPF (approx. $60) if registered and approved the day of competition, 7 am to 8 pm for the young Division or Tama, from 11: 30 to 13 h for the adult Division or ‘ Arioi. The soloist may delegate someone else to fill or cover for the last minute registration form. (Except for dancers coming from overseas)

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